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Top Technology Trends

Top Innovative Products for Elderly Care Changing Senior Living

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Everyday Conveniences

There is a service called GoGoGrandparent, that arranges rides for seniors via an 800-number. And, of course, seniors can also call Uber or Lyft for rides if they no longer drive.

Other technology-enhanced everyday conveniences that seniors surely appreciate include:

  • Home grocery delivery that can be ordered online
  • Apps like Takl and Thumbtack that point users to possible contractors for jobs, small to large
  • Online businesses, such as Rover or, that identify available pet-sitters or, in the case of, house cleaning and various other services, as well


Best Senior Monitors and Wearables
  • Apple Watch 5: Best Overall.
  • FitBit Versa 2: Best for Active Seniors.
  • Freedom Guardian: Best Senior-Specific Smartwatch.
  • Bay Alarm Medical: Best GPS Wearable.
  • Lively Mobile: Budget Pick.

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Online Therapies

Online Mental Health Treatment Helps Older Adults

A study finds that patients gain from instant messaging with therapists. 

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At-Home Monitoring Systems

What do elderly monitoring systems do?

All devices are unique but generally track:

  • Comfort

  • Health

  • Location

  • Safety

  • Wellness

5 Helpful Elderly Monitoring Devices for Senior Safety

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Telehealth can help families and elderly patients in the following ways:

  • Reduce the burden and cost of certain travel expenses
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits
  • Reduce the stress put on-at-home caregivers
  • Improve overall patient satisfaction

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Medication Reminders

8 Effective Medication Reminder Strategies for Seniors and Relatives

Whether you are managing your own absent-mindedness or taking care of a relative, medication reminders are one of the most useful aspects of daily medical care. From pill-minder trays to online calendars, a little help keeping track of multiple medicines can go a long way. At best, it's a way to save a little brainpower so you don't have to be super careful with your medication every time you take it. And in worst-case scenarios, effective medication reminders can be the difference between life and death. Here are some clever tactics to help manage medicines more easily.

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Assistive and Adaptive Equipment

Must-Have Assistive Devices for Seniors

For many individuals with senior parents who live in their own homes, mobility and safety is a constant worry. Declining agility and unsteadiness can result in falls with devastating injuries for seniors, as well tasks that were previously simple, such as getting out of bed, dressing or performing personal hygiene, may become increasingly difficult to accomplish.

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